ROAM How It Works

  • For Individuals

    You can search the site for free and without an account. To save events or claim flash deals, you will need to set one up. You’ll have the option to choose which categories appear in your feed, and also the ability to opt out of seeing events related to alcohol, cannabis, and gambling. These can all be changed at any time by going into your profile settings. (for example, if you opt out of seeing sports events initially, but later want to see them).o claim a Whim deal, a customer must have a ROAM account, then click on “Claim Deal”. Once the deal is claimed, a personalized coupon code will be instantly emailed to the customer.

  • For Businesses

    Creating a business account allows you to post and share events and Whim deals for free. You can also purchase hyper-local advertising at competitive rates.

    So… what are Whim deals? Glad you asked! Whim deals are limited availability flash deals that local businesses can post. For example, a record store can post three “50% Off Any New Vinyl” deals, a donut shop can post five “Buy One/Get One Free” deals, The Symphony can post “1 Free Pair of 5th Row Tickets” - the possibilities are endless.

  • Businesses that host events

    All events are tied to a Venue. In order to load the site for launch, we had to create pagesfor many venues around town. You’ll need to claim your venue, which will allow you to edit the page. (we did our best, but I’m sure there have to be pieces we missed or photos thatmight work better) After you set up your business profile, use the search tool to see if your venue has already been set up. If it has, click on that page and scroll down to the button CLAIM THIS VENUE. It will guide you through the process of transferring management to yourself.If your Venue hasn’t already been created:

    • Create a business account.
    • Go to your profile page and click on New Venue.
    • Fill out the form, press Publish and your event will be posted.
      Tips: You’ll need a main image for your profile, but can add up to 10 photos. If your venue serves food, you can add either an image or a link for your menu.
  • To Post an Event
    • Create a business account.
    • Go to your profile page and click on “New Event”.
    • Fill out the form, press “Publish” and your event will be posted.
      Tips: You’ll need at least one photo, that will be cropped to a square. Our site has a built-in crop tool - you just need to bring the photo. You can add as many photos to the posting as you’d like.
      The day after an event, it moves to your Archive. You can access this through your profile page. From there you can either edit the event to re-publish, or duplicate it to repurpose. It’s all about saving time.
    • Share your event through text, email or by posting it directly to your Facebook page.
  • Advertising With Us

    Ads are featured in two ways: square ads in the event feeds and banner ads on specific event pages. You can select which categories your ad(s) will be featured in, along with the general event feed, which features all categories. We’re starting with business-friendly rates that range from $5 for one day, down to $1.66/day if you purchase an auto-renew 30 day ad space.

  • To Create an Ad
    • Go to your profile page and click on “New Ad”.
    • Fill in the fields, check and revise your ad at the bottom of the screen.
    • Click “Pay & Publish”. The ad will go live at the time/date chosen during setup. When it expires, it will go into your Archive folder. From there you can relist it, or edit and repost. All payments are processed through Stripe.
      Tips: You’ll need at least one photo, that will be cropped to a square or horizontal banner format. You can add up to 5 photos.
  • To Create a Whim deal
    • Go to your profile page and click on “New Whim”.
    • Fill out the form. You will need:
      • a photo
      • how many deals are being offfered
      • when the deal will be active
      • an expiration time and date
    • Select Publish. The deal will go live at the time/day you’ve specified.

    When a customer claims a deal, a personalized coupon code will be emailed to them. The business sets the terms and conditions of the deal. Once the allotted amount of whim deals are claimed, it will be automatically archived. Archived deals can be edited and reposted easily, without having to go through the setup process again.

  • We’d love your input on how we can make your experience better.
    Don’t be shy about providing feedback and suggestions. If you have any questions, comments or need any assistance please email us at We will respond within 2 business days.