ROAM About Us

  • ROAM is a Tacoma-based startup focused on fostering connection and helping to build community.
    We were always looking for places to go and stuff to do and decided to build a platform to gather events, happenings, markets, businesses in one place.

  • We’re aiming to answer questions

    What should we do this weekend? Where can I take my visitors from out-of-town? How can I spend spare hours in Tacoma? What are some great new restaurants? How on earth do I find an electrician? How can I give back to the community? What are ways I can make my voice heard and work towards solutions for the problems the city is facing?

    We also aim to help support small businesses and makers by offering ways to advertise and promote in a hyper-local environment. Businesses can buy ads directly on the site without going through us. Running flash deals, posting events and setting up a business page are free. In addition, we are building out our social media to promote local businesses in fun, interactive ways.

  • Why start an events-based business in a pandemic?

    As we moved through the pandemic it became really clear that the internet can’t replace human connection, that we need to be able to find community and engage.

  • How did we end up here?

    We’re not “tech people” but have spent our careers in that orbit by way of our creative fields. We’ve both worked extensively in events - Kerry almost exclusively - and love the process, the production, the energy of it.

  • Are you going to have an app?

    Yes! But later. We built this as a website first and will develop an app once we finish developing and implementing extra features.

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